Kettlebell Basics

American Eagle MMA

Description: The Kettlebell Basics Course provides you with an overview of Basic Kettlebell movements and their variations for a total of 31. Master RKC Phil Ross, also known as The Kettlebell King, takes you on a tutorial of the Basic Kettlebell Movements. We review the Swing, Get-up, Clean, Squat, Press, Row and Snatch, as well as Kettlebell Training preparatory exercises and warm ups. The Hard Style Kettlebell training philosophies and principals are presented and demonstrated throughout this learning module.

Instructor:   Phil Ross, Master RKC

Master RKC, 8th Degree Black Belt & Bodyweight Specialist
A Fitness Enthusiast and Combat Arts Competitor ever since the mid-70's; Phil Ross, as the Owner/Operator of American Eagle MMA & Kettlebells, has been instructing others in his trade for more than a quarter century. He is a National Champion (NAGA, AAU, ABA, WAKO) and place winner in several combat disciplines of both the striking and grappling arts as well as an amateur champion body builder and power lifter (Totaled 1400lbs. in three lifts at a weight of 179.9lbs). In addition to his numerous personal state and national titles, he has coached and trained a multitude of champions that compete in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), Martial Arts, Wrestling, Triathlons, Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf and Track and Field. He has also trained the Navy SEALs and a great deal of Law Enforcement personnel form local Police Officers to the Federal Marshals and the DEA. His accomplishments have earned him the Honor of being inducted to the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
A staunch proponent of the RKC Hard Style Kettlebell Training System, Phil operates his S.W.A.T. Kettlebell based training daily at his facility and provides offsite workshops, seminars and certifications. In addition to his studio and workshops he also developed the Fit to Fight Self Defense and Bodyweight System based his Top Rated S.A.V.E.™ Video Series, released a Top 10 Ranked Kettlebell Video, an online Kettlebell Training Program and has appeared in several commercials and print publications. In early 2014, the Kettlebell Workout Library will be released. The Video, complete with a user's manual will consist of over 100 Kettlebell based workouts including Bodyweight and Dynamic Tension.