Review of Wunda and High Chair

Description: In this workshop you will get a review of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced exercises on the Wunda chair and High chair. The chair is one of the most challenging pieces of equipment as it has a smaller base of support which is conducive to learning balance and control. The exercises reviewed here are great tools to helping clients progress by addressing their individual needs. Sometimes clients need a different way of experiencing a movement before they have that "lightbulb" moment. Listen and learn how exercises relate to one another and how to spot your client for safety and success.

Instructor:   Rebecca Sirkel

Rebecca Sirkel has over 16 years experience in the mind/ body industry including Personal Training, Yoga and Pilates. She holds a degree in Exercise Science from Arizona State University and received her 600 hour Comprehensive Pilates training with Power Pilates under the guidance of Bob Liekens and Susan Moran in 2006. She earned the gold standard Pilates certification with the Pilates Method Alliance in 2011. Her desire to share Pilates led her to become a Teacher Trainer for Power Pilates in 2012. Now she shares her passion for Pilates by mentoring and offering certifications for those who wish to make teaching Pilates a career. Rebecca has gained expertise with her time, experience and continuing education in Spinal Pathology, How to better communicate, Spotting and Touch technique, How to incorporate props, Neuromuscular conditions, and Super Advanced Pilates for Athletes. She believes in a holistic lifestyle which led her to obtain a certification with eCornell in Plant Based Nutrition. Additionally, she is a writer for a Pilates & Nutrition blog called www.Pilates123.com aimed at informing and connecting Pilates teachers and clients.